NDIS Support Services

We take extra care of our clients, offering them targeted support that allows them to develop their strengths and learn new skills. The foundation of our service delivery is based on the regulations and processes covered under the National Disability Insurance Scheme to ensure our clients get the best assistance they deserve.

We take pride in being prompt, keeping in communication with our clients every step of the way and delivering an unbeatable quality of service.

NDIS Core Supports

At Hopesway, our aim is to provide NDIS clients with a personalised, professional support service that helps them to thrive and engage with their community. We insist on quality service delivery, good communication, quick responses to enquiries, and excellent service provided by our support workers.

With our T.R.U.E values, vision, and mission as our guides, we provide tailored, quality service to our clients. The foundation of our service delivery is based on the regulations and processes covered under the National Disability Insurance Scheme to ensure clients get the best assistance.

As a result, our clients love us for our prompt turnaround times, ongoing communication, quality service delivery and the unbeatable standards we maintain.

Hopesway offers fully qualified, highly trained and supportive staff that assist in the provision of:

NDIS Core Supports

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High Needs and Complex Supports

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We provide NDIS core supports that take into account our clients’ individual needs, offering a reliable service that treats them as an individual, giving them freedom and choice while helping them to achieve whatever goals they have.

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Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a type of NDIS support designed to advance help and supervision to people living with disability.

Everyone’s needs are different, but SIL accommodation support typically offers help with daily tasks like shopping, meal preparation, personal care and travel assistance.

At Hopesway, we offer a personalised approach with a package designed to suit your needs and funding. We can offer support in your own home, at private accommodation or one of our accessible homes.

To find out more about our current SIL accommodation vacancies, call us on 1300MYHOPESWAY or 'click here' to fill out the online form to contact our team.

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In-home Support

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At Hopesway, we also offer in-home support to help you reach your full potential, providing support packages designed with you in mind. This means you have the freedom to live how, where and with who you want. We work alongside you to create a package that meets your needs and works with your formal/ informal supports to help you pursue your goals and build independence. Our in-home support services can be accessed as and when you need them on a regular or occasional basis.

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Nursing Services

As part of Hopesway, you can achieve optimal health and independence through our range of specialist & Complex Care support provided by a Registered or Clinical Nurse. Our team of experienced Registered Nurses provide on-going support and continuity of care to suit your specific needs, from companionship to care a few hours a week, through to 24/7 support.

We work closely with you, your support person, and your Plan Coordinator to help you reach your short, medium, and long-term goals, whether they are health-related or otherwise.

A few areas covered by our NDIS-approved nursing services include:

  • Medication Management
  • Diabetes Management
  • Dysphagia Management
  • Epilepsy Management
  • Wound and Pressure Care
  • Nutrition
  • Podiatry and Foot Care
  • Respiratory Conditions
  • Complex Disability Care – PEG, Continence, Ventilator, Bowel Care
  • Continence, Holistic Care Plans
  • Day-to-day Health Supports in your home

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Specialised Transport

Life can be hectic enough, without also worrying about how you’re going to get around day-to-day. But the solution is made easy with our Fleet of Specialised Transport and Accessible vehicles. Whether you’re headed to work, school, your appointments or therapy support, our qualified drivers are standing by to get you there safely and on time. This means you can forget the hassle and stress of public transport and instead enjoy riding in comfort aboard our Hopesway fleet of dedicated transport vehicles.

Our Specialised Transport program provides drivers to transport community members and NDIS Participants to medical and social outings.

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Community Access

At Hopesway, we work in partnership with clients, carers, and other professionals to provide high-quality and flexible services. Through leadership and a dedicated team of staff, we promote social well-being and independence for our clients in accessing their communities and participating in community engagements. Our supports are trained to go above and beyond in providing the extent of supports in the community such as:

  • Attending concert
  • Cinema
  • Going to the beach
  • Going or walks
  • Shopping

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Group Supports/Activity

Our Group supports and activities at Hopesway are centred on the development of skills and interests with our participants. We engage our clients of all ages in activities such as:

  • Arts appreciation groups
  • Gardening appreciation
  • Cooking skills
  • House chores and self-skills
  • Computer gaming
  • Hiking
  • Outdoor games and hiking
  • School holiday programs

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